Cashlite Finance

Cashlite Finance offers  a variety of products ranging from short term loans to long term loans.

Cashlite Finance Loan Offers 

Short term/ Payday loans , where by the client applies for an short term loan within the month to settle the full amount at the end of that particular month. These normally range for R1000 to R10000
Personal loan, whereby the client applies for a loan for personal reasons. The normally range from R10000 to R180000.
Debt consolidation loans , whereby one big loan is used to settle all or some of the existing loan accounts.this is a great advantage for the clients as they are enabled to focus on one installment rather than many installments. These normally range from R50000 to R180000.
The application process is very easy and fast. Your loan can be processed within the same day and be paid into the clients account immediately after signing for the loan.
To apply , send us your
1. Full name
2. Id number
3. Employer name.
4. Gross salary
5. Net salary
6. Bank name.
7. Cellphone number and work telephone number.

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