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Johannesburg Alberton T:087 701 3351 F:011 869 5024 A:1st floor Druthton House, 48 Voortrekker Rd, Alberton. Alberton Voortrekker T:087 701 2379 F:011 869 0004 A:Shop No1, 65 Voortrekker Road, Alberton Benoni Voortrekker T:087 70102738 F:011 845 2731 A:15 Voortrekker Street, Benoni Benoni T:087 701 2813 F:011 420 2840 A:18c Tom Jones Street, Benoni. Blackheath T:087 701 8808 F:011 476 […]

Old Mutual Debt Consolidation with My Money Plan

Old Mutual Debt Consolidation with My Money Plan allows you to consolidate your debt, combining it into one plan so that you pay a lower overall instalment. This allows you to reduce your finance charges and increase your available cash, as My Money Plan also provides you with regular cash payouts when you need them most. […]

King Cash Personal Loan

King Cash Personal Loan- A King Cash personal loan is an unsecured loan available to individual customers (not businesses.) We offer a maximum loan amount of up to R15 000.00 with a repayment period of between 1 to 18 MONTHS. A personal loan does not require the applicant to own a home as it is an unsecured debt. This means thateven […]

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